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At Georgia-Pacific, we view students as individuals, and we are focused on developing people — not just filling positions.

Our culture embraces change and innovation, and encourages employees to leverage their unique sets of skills and interests to create value and find fulfillment in their daily work. We provide training, transparent coaching, and experiences which allow employees to grow professionally, and build relationships along the way.

Through our University Recruiting process, we hope to open our doors to the next generation of interns and new graduates who are prepared to work hard, have fun, challenge the status quo, and be in the driver's seat of their own career growth.


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It takes great people to produce great products. With over 300 operating facilities across the United States, Georgia-Pacific relies on the most analytical and innovative minds in the industry to support our constantly-evolving manufacturing operations. We value talented individuals who will take ownership of their roles, practice economic-thinking, and challenge the business to leverage new technology, resources, and processes. With ample opportunities for training, networking, and mentorship, GP will position you for a successful long-term career.

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