Information Technology Jobs

Here at Georgia-Pacific we value the creative mindset of our employees in all fields. We look for employees who stay current on the latest technology and ideas. Could that be you?

Our Information Technology Jobs

Technology Leader

You are responsible for IT leadership at manufacturing sites that will enable and support operations transformation. You will work directly with key operations and business leaders to advance innovation, optimization, and automation of processes. You will leverage partnerships with internal and external service providers to ensure a roadmap for stable and reliable operations. Your team will introduce and experiment with new technologies to show what is possible.

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Mobile Developer

You are responsible for researching and developing mobile solutions to enable the transformation of our Manufacturing process. Areas that you will impact include: Automation, IoT, Wearables, Business applications and Process Control. You will be a leader in developing an architecture to support enterprise mobility.

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Advanced Analytics Data Engineer

You are responsible for researching and developing Data lake and data warehouse solutions to enable the business transformation of our Operations and Manufacturing processes. Areas that you will impact via Data Engineering and Analytics include: Predictive Maintenance, Process Automation, IoT, Business applications and Process Control. You will be a leader in developing data storage and transformation solutions to support enterprise analytics and data engineering.

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ERP Analyst

You are responsible for elicitation, development and documentation of business requirements. You are the subject matter expert for the system and associated technologies. You will be responsible for supporting end user training, troubleshooting, systems testing, systems configuration and general systems support, including associated interfaces.

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